First Entry 2014-08-03

This is my first entry on my new journal. It all started with me discovering the programming language Go, and while playing around with web applications, BloGo saw it first days.

BloGo is a journal platform, developed by me in Go. It utilizes Go’s standard net/http and text/template packages, along with and SQLite backend.

The primary goal was never to have an own journal, but to learn Go by building something useful.

BloGo is under development, and major changes in backend as well frontend is to be expected.

As I mentioned BloGo runs with an SQLite backend for the moment, but it’s on the roadmap to add support for other database backends, such as mySQL and PostgreSQL.

The intention with BloGo was and is to create a journal platform easy to deploy (hopefully one-binary-deploy in the future) and at the same time work well with high availability and scalability.

I plan to account for the progress at this site, and provide information and tips on how I setup and use BloGo. Other topics related to my interests will be covered as well.

At the moment, as the site is under development, the following statement applies:

cat questions > /dev/null

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